Holy and Healthy Catholic is a gaze into the beautiful connection between spiritual strength and physical strength.

Through prayer and discernment, work as a strength and functional movement coach at MoveStrong Kettlebells, and as a new SoulCore Roary prayer and exercise leader it has been exciting to explore how caring for our bodies and nurturing spiritual growth work together.

Flexing our spiritual muscles requires the same determined and consistent effort that we use to strengthen our bodies through exercise. 

Movement, when practiced through the eyes of faith, can bring us Christ's peace in a way similar to other sensory experiences, such as viewing a painting or listening to beautiful music that incites the soul to deeper contemplation.

If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area, I invite you to join us for a SoulCore class to orient the body and the soul toward life of Christ through the mysteries and virtues of the Rosary -- the most powerful prayer outside of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

May the Holy Spirit guide each of us as we seek to grow in faith, hope and love on our daily walk with Christ, Amen.

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